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Nedland Kultur invites you to explore cultural projects of many kinds in many parts of the world. Below you can find short presentations of some of them. Find out more by clicking the menues above.


A major part of Malawi's musical heritage from the 1940s up until the late 80s rests in the archives of MBC, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. The music has for years been inaccessible, and is in danger of extinction. Nedland Kultur and MBC are now, with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Malawi, collaborating in a project to rescue this national treasure of music.




A piece of music based on the sounds of the Westamaran - its motor, its motion through the water, the sounds on board and the sounds of the boat from under the surface of the water -complemented  by soundscapes, atmosphere and music from harbours where Westamarans have rendered its services to travellers.



Taarab is the music of Zanzibar, one of the very few music styles in Africa with an orchestral tradition with its line-up of several violins, cellos, double bass, oud, qanun, dumbak drums and more. Nedland Kultur wanted to merge European symphonic and Zanzibari taarab orchestral tradition in this project with the Symphony Orcehstra of NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).  





A selection of international artists and musicians from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia, exerpts from the speeches of numerous Nobel Peace Prize laureates, hypnotic drumming, creative arrangements, great instrumentalists, beautiful voices, and a shared commitment to the ideals of the Nobel Peace Prize - That is the the content of the CD "Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace", celebrating 100 years of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.





On October 16th 2002, the grand opening of the new Library in Alexandria, Egypt took place, with an autdience of dignitaries and royalty from around the world celebrating the opening of this UNESCO sponsored library, which is seen as a resurrection of the centre of wisdom and learning that Bibliotheca Alexandrina used to be in ancient times. Nedland Kultur had the honour of being responsible for the music programme for the opening ceremoney of the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina.




A chance meeting between Sigbjørn Nedland of Nedland Kultur and Chi Ton in 2009 led to a collaboration between the two to promote Vietnamese culture in Norway. Terje Vallestad at Cafe Sting joined the team, and the result was two festvials in Stavanger.





Eight female artists, four from Norway, four from four differenT African countries, met with a band of Tazanian musicians in Dar Es Salaam in 2004 and 2005 to create music together for the CD "Women Care". The musical workshop was created by Nedland Kultur, who had been approached by Care International Norway with a request to help them celebrate womanhood and the imporance of women in the many projects the Care organisation is doing around the world, and to promote their slogan "It helps more to help women".






"Fight Apathy" is a double CD organised by Nedland Kultur for Christianssands Protestfesival, a festival that has been taking place since 1999 in Kristiansand, Norway. The aim of the festival is to fight against apathy and indifference, and to encourage commitment, tolerance and action. Artists include Delbert McClinton, Barry McGuire, Kris Kristofferson, Yolanda Martinez, Jonas Fjeld, Åge Aleksandersen, Noora Noor and many others.







A tough female rapper comes out of the streets of Dar Es Salaam and meets up with a male rapper from Norway with a dual cultural background. He is a Norwegian Grammy winner, she is Coca Cola Popstars winner. They are joined by a multi instrumentalist and electronics wizzard, and the beats start flowing. Nedland Kultur creates the possibility for the trio to meet, create and record, and then sends them out to play concerts together.


Nedland Kultur is a company founded by Sigbjørn Nedland, specialising in cultural projects, such as CD productions, cross cultural collaborations, musical programs for concerts and festivals, music compilation, digitization and organisation of music, copyright issues, and production of song lyrics, books, plays etc. 

The company is based in Norway, but activities are taking place in many countries. Project locations have included Norway, England, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Russia, Palestine, Israel, Vietnam and Egypt, and participants in Nedland Kultur projects have come from the above mentioned countries plus Madagascar, Rwanda, Congo, Belgium, USA, Sweden, Canada and more.

 Other activities:

Apart from running Nedland Kultur, Sigbjørn Nedland is music producer and presenter at NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Coming from a background of rock music, and having been responsible for leading rock shows on Norwegian radio, such as "Pop Spesial" and "Pandoras Jukebox", he developed an interest for more varied, international music. In 1996 he started the show "Jungeltelegrafen", a weekly show covering music from all over the world.The show has from 2005 been co-produced and presented by Nedland and colleague Arne Berg. Information about the show can be found on the Jungeltelegrafen Facebook page:

If you want to listen to the show, you can go here:

Nedland is on the panel of World Music Charts Europe, a monthly chart by about 50 radio producers/presenters from all over Europe.

For ten years, up until 2011, Sigbjørn Nedland was chairman of the EBU World Music Workshop, a forum for radio people working with worldwide music. He then handed over the leadership to Johannes Theurer from RBB in Berlin, to concentrate on his task as responsible for the EBU (European Broadcast Union) radio coverage of WOMEX, the World Music Expo.